Little Roy’s Bio

The Princess of Green Pea Land created Little Roy in 1992. With the scraps left over from some corduroy cut-offs she set about construction of our friend Little Roy. No one had any idea that one day this little doll would be what he is today. He arrived in Northern California amidst a flurry of sorrow and joy. Creativity can be a strange, physician wonderful sometimes-curious thing. Due to time constraints his head wasnt sewed on at first, and was attached just by a safety pin. The Princess had every intention of sewing on his head, but it just never happened. Then it seemed like his safety pinned head became a part of his personality. On occasion his head pops out of his foam guts, but it is easily tucked back in. His facial features are made from buttons; he has one red eye and a blue one.

Little Roy enjoyed his life in rural Northern California. Occasionally he would sit on the porch gazing at the sky. He would ponder the universe and the whereabouts of black holes. When the opportunity arose for him to move to Seattle with the Princess, he was very excited. They moved in the summer of 1997 to the wonderful Northwest. Little Roy made new friends in Seattle.

In 2000 he started an event called Little Roy night, where participants could share something with the audience. People came from all around to do puppet shows, show films, tell stories, share a show and tell, sing songs, teach a dance, and many other creative endeavors, except mimes (Little Roy thinks mimes are scary.) And no one needed to worry about talent since Little Roy has so much in one of his little corduroy fingers. Everyone really enjoyed them selves for Little Roy night.

In 2001 Little Roy had his first school picture taken. Everyone was excited to see his picture in the yearbook as well. A new club started called Friends of Little Roy. Flyers circulated with Little Roy and his escapades. His school photo for 2002 was even better, with his crown and green velvet cloth he appeared to have royal stature. And since corduroy is the Cloth of the King it seems only fitting.

Occasionally there have been I SAW U adds about him, or you might see a personal on Craigs List. Just trying to spread the love of Little Roy around town. He is a curious one, not always noticed and other times cant be missed. A few other tid-bits about our friend; He is the CEO of a small and slowly growing virtual corporation called The Barbeque Theatre Corporation He works very hard and is a great listener and is good at meditation too. He occasionally writes small pieces and shares his thoughts when he wants to. Thats all for now. He continues to ponder the meaning of life, its mysteries, it triumphs and failures. He brings joy and love with him wherever he goes and whenever he is thought about. The question that arises most is, Who is Little Roy? or rather Who is Little Roy to you? Keep checking Letter X magazine in future issues for interviews with Little Roy and other adventures. And be sure to check back here for updates, new photos and other tid bits…be friendly…