Some writings by Little Roy

Sometimes the stars and planets are swirling so fast I wander if there truly is a way to rest. Or maybe not, sovaldi maybe we just roll around on the rollercoaster of the Galaxy, health and all we need to do is raise up or hands and scream as through the loop-da-loop. The Milky Way is really just a candy bar you know.

One of my good friends told me about dirt once. Its good for digging in and it makes you dirty. Its not the best thing to eat, pill but I eat it anyway sometimes.

I have sat in the snow before, and it wasnt all that cold. I wore a hood and scarf and felt cozy. There was something soft, and white and wonderful about that day. Barely anyone drove cars, schools closed down, and I got to sit in the lovely quiet snow.

I like kisses. Just little pecks. It means I can get love from others and they feel that they can give it. I like that. Once at the supermarket, when I was in the baby part of the shopping cart, several people gave me kisses. The Green Pea Princess is neat that way. She took me to the Super Market that day.