Who is Little Roy?

Little Roy the Corduroy boy


There are times when a person needs a friend. Little Roy is the archetypal friend. He is always there to listen and ponder.

He was created in the early 1990’s with the notion of when you are a child and you have a doll, and that is your best companion. Giving comfort and love in a friendly imaginative way. No one knew what Little Roy would become. Today he represents many aspects of our own humanity. A person doesnt have to actually be with the real doll to experience him.

The multiple ramifications of him as a concept continue to give new insight. The idea of Little Roy proposes to introduce a modern day archetype to the human psyche. Websters Unabridged dictionary defines an archetype as An inherited idea or mode of thought in the psychology of C.G. Jung that is derived from the experience of the race and is present in the unconscious of the individual controlling his ways of perceiving the world. The doll, Little Roy, represents many things. He is innocence, humor, sadness, helplessness, mystery, imperfection, humanity, love, solitude and the list goes on. Anyone can be a friend, if you wear corduroy its even better, since corduroy is the Cloth of the King. You can also imagine that you are a royal subject every time you adorn yourself in the bumpy fabric.

Have fun, be friendly and know there is always a friend for you in Little Roy.